Carbon Monoxide

Brilliant video about Carbon Monoxide. Just because you are buying a house and not renting like these guys are doesn’t mean the issue isn’t as important!

A Guide to Ground Movement

Towergate Insurance explains the three types of ground movement; subsidence, landslip and ground heave. Also, find out where to look for home insurance if you're at risk.

Radon- what can I do?

Has your surveyor suggested you have high levels of Radon in your area? Have you heard of radon but are not sure what it is? This short video from Public Health England explains Radon and what you can do about it.

Hidden electrical dangers

Why it's time to get your home checked by an electrician.

Buying a home? Insist on an RPSA surveyor

Members of the Residential Property Surveyors Association are specialist residential surveyors who deliver answers, not more questions.

Why do i need a house survey

Never underestimate the importance of a property survey when buying a home. Phil Spencer shares his top tips and everything you need to know.

Managing condensation

Energy Saving Trust useful video about condensation. 

Building Regulations and loft conversions

LABC explain about loft conversions and Building Regulations.

What’s a Home Condition Survey?

The benefits of a Home Condition Survey and how it can help home buyers protect their purchase.